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Why should you cleanse crystals with selenite?


Your crystals should be cleansed often to remove negative or stagnant energy. When we use our crystals regularly, they can absorb negative energy and become “blocked” - particularly when it comes to protective stones like black tourmaline. When our crystals are blocked, their power will greatly decrease.

You should also cleanse any new crystals before using them for the first time, as they may have absorbed unwanted energy on their journey to you.


How to use selenite to charge your crystals


As a general rule, the more contact a crystal has with Selenite, the quicker it will be cleansed. The easiest method is using a selenite plate, dish or bowl. Simply place your desired crystals or tumbles on the selenite, and leave them for 24 hours.


You can also use selenite towers to charge your crystals. Find an empty space to position your selenite tower, and place the stones you want to cleanse in a circle around the tower - ideally, touching the base. Again, leave them for 24 hours for best results.


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