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Crystals for college students

Thinking of sending your loved one off to college with a care package? Consider packing a few crystals in the box. Below are a few crystals that will enhance their experience and encourage their success.

Round Library

Citrine is a great study buddy to keep on your student’s desk while they work. This crystal’s energy is bright and energetic, and it helps with creativity and mental focus. Citrine’s presence during lectures can boost self-esteem and endurance when they participate in discussions.


Black tourmaline is an ideal protective stone for college students because it acts as an energetic bodyguard and increases emotional stability. Negativity and instability are both repelled by black tourmaline’s energy. They can carry their crystal around with them in their backpack or pocket and look to their black tourmaline if they ever feel fearful or ungrounded in their new surroundings. They can also set it near their front door or in all four corners of their room.


Homesickness can be overcome by gentle reminders of love—this is where rose quartz comes in! Connection is important for our wellbeing, and your loved one can carry rose quartz with them to help foster new friendships with unconditional love. A heart-shaped rose quartz is a wonderful gift and a reminder of the emotional healing and reassurance provided by this crystal.


Polychrome jasper, also known as desert jasper, contains the warm colors of a desert landscape against a blue sky. It’s another highly-protective crystal that can be carried through the day and placed beside your loved one before they drift off to sleep. Polychrome jasper helps them feel safe and connected, and gives them an overall sense of belonging. 


Amethyst provides balance between intellect and intuition. This can bring insight and flexibility when decisions need to be made. Meditating with amethyst can not only activate the crown chakra for clarity, it can remind your loved one to pause and breathe. Amethyst can be placed in a dedicated meditation space to remind them to breathe and digest before moving forward in their day. It’s a great counterbalance to the hustle culture they might encounter in their college experience.

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