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Best Crystals
for Travelling

Crystals can be used for many things, but in this case, we’re focused on the best crystals for travelling of all sorts. Whether you’re taking off to a new country, are making a big move, or have anxiety flying, these are the top crystals for travel.

Above the Clouds

Why Using Crystals for Travel Protection is a Great Idea?

Whether you believe crystals will actually protect you from travel or not, there’s something to be said for holding a crystal that is very grounding. When holding onto and travelling with a crystal(s) you’re holding onto a piece of the Earth. That grounding energy is welcome when travelling as your life is shifting as your surroundings change. 

Opting to travel with crystals encourages you to be mindful, which can help ease anxiety and stress which are both common when travelling. 


Amethyst does wonders for stress and anxiety, both things that can come up when travelling to new, foreign destinations. It’s also said to ward off negative energy and is a great sleep aid. Consider sleeping with this crystal under your pillow to soothe jet lag symptoms or meditate with it in the morning to bring positive energy to your day of exploration. 


Smoky Quartz is another crystal to assist you in warding off negative energy, i brings clarity in situations or places that you may feel unsafe or unsure about. Smoky quartz does the trick by absorbing negative energy around you and is also a great stone for spiritual travel to keep you on your mission of self-discovery and spiritual exploration. 


Said to be the guardian of stones, malachite is a must-have crystal for safe travel. This crystal is all about safety, and helping you to feel safe in situations when you may not think that you are, like if you’re scared of flying. There’s no doubt that this stone will help to calm you in stressful situations, keep you grounded, and your ego at bay when your mind decides to warn you of threats that aren’t really threats.


A great stone for confidence, labradorite is a healers stone that, once again, protects against negative energy. It’s said to be the stone of transformation and destiny, aiding in boosting your confidence which is a welcome strength to have when travelling, moving, or even doing something new. Labradorite also helps you meet new people along your journey and build a healthy friendship, which can be very useful when traveling.


Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings and is also known as being a traveller’s stone. As we set off for quite literally, new beginnings, on each trip this pretty stone is said to bring you good luck and joy. It’s a great stone for road trips too as it helps with road rage and even travelling at night, and over water.


Black tourmaline is a great stone not just for travel, but to always have on hand as it helps to keep you grounded and protects you from negative energies. Having black tourmaline on you while in an airport, or a busy tourist attraction is a great way to keep yourself and your emotions at bay and from taking on other people’s stress, anxiety, or moodiness that we all know is too common in busy travel hot spots.


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Hematite brings about clarity and assists in stabilizing and protection. For those days that you’re feeling off-balance (like adjusting to jet lag or being on a totally new continent) this stone is a top choice to meditate with, carry in your bag and have around you. You’ll be able to focus clearly on what’s on hand and enhance your problem-solving skills when navigating yourself around a new destination.


Tiger’s eye, the stone of the mind, is the perfect companion on any trip as it reminds you of your mindfulness. By focusing on being mindful you’ll easily be able to enjoy more and focus on what’s important, living in the moment. Tiger’s eye also wards off fear and negativity and brings about positivity.


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This soft turquoise stone is ideal for those travelling over and across the water. It’s associated with safety and water because of the legends that tell stories of how this crystal was a treasure of mermaids. Aquamarine is also known as the stone of courage and protection, both feelings that are more than ideal when travelling! Tuck this crystal into your pocket or bag to embrace calm and relaxation.