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Cleansing your crystals with SMOKE

When working with crystals it is important to cleanse them before using them in order to remove any negative energy including other people’s energy. Cleansing your crystals with smoke (burning sage or other herbs) is just one way to remove the energy so there is room for positivity and clarity. 

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There are many ways to cleanse your crystals, aside from smoke. Cleansing your crystals with smoke is also known as "smudging." Indigenous people around the world have used smudging in ceremonial practices for thousands of years. It is used for spiritual cleansing as well as medicinal purposes and is a practical way to cleanse negative energy from a room, an object (such as crystals) or a person’s energy field. One thing you need to consider when smudging is your intention. Your mindset is a large part of the process so keep your thoughts positive and your wishes and desires clear.

To begin, bring yourself to a calm and open state. Clear your thoughts, slow down your breathe and create an intention in your mind and heart. Your goal is to clear your stones by allowing the healing energy of the smoke over, and around your gems. This smoke will contain your intentions and prayers and send them to your higher power. Just be mindful that the ashes of the sage can start a fire so be extra cautious during the process and always have your attention on the smudge.

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One way to smudge your crystals is to place your sage in a Abalone shell or metal bowl. Then you will want to light it, and once the leaves are burning well, wave the flame out so only the smoke is billowing, releasing a cleansing smoke. You will then hold your crystals in the line of the smoke and use your intentions to feel the energy clear your stones. 

While you’re cleansing your stones we suggest you smudge all four corners of your home or workspace with the windows and doors open so the negative energy can escape. If you have a lot of stress in your space, try smudging once a month.  After a while, you will be doing this when you feel it’s needed.

When smudging your attitude should be comprised of love, and with that the energy that doesn’t serve you will vanish, leaving behind energy possessing positive powers. Once your crystals are clean you can use them to help bring that energy back to your space in abundance.

Cleansing Tools

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