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November’s full moon is rising in the sensory and stability-loving sign of Taurus, and its shake-ups may help us to better connect with our values or let go of things that are no longer serving our highest good. 


This particular Total Lunar Eclipse will go conjunct the North Node which is all about the future, collective destiny, changing the course of history, completing an era and starting something new. It’s a game-changer transit. An earth-shaker.


You must be willing to take the time to process any information coming your way and hold space for it. Lunar eclipses, like full Moons, are revealing. They reveal the truth in an often dramatic way and let you learn things that change your life course. It’s important to accept what is revealed on a lunar eclipse. You cannot fight this knowledge. You can only take it in and ask yourself what the highest manifestation is that you can create with this energy.

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