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Best Crystals
for Travelling

Crystals can be used for many things, but in this case, we’re focused on the best crystals for travelling of all sorts. Whether you’re taking off to a new country, are making a big move, or have anxiety flying, these are the top crystals for travel.

Above the Clouds

Best Crystals

There are many ways to help our plants be and stay healthy, hearty, and vegetable producing.  Tumbled crystals are one of those ways that you can help your garden. 

Plant Box


Crystals and astrology go hand in hand. One is of the constellations in the sky, the other is created deep within the Earth, and together they can offer insight into our greatest potential.

Astonomical Clock

Cleansing your crystals with SMOKE

When working with crystals it is important to cleanse them before using them in order to remove any negative energy including other people’s energy. Cleansing your crystals with smoke (burning sage or other herbs) is just one way to remove the energy so there is room for positivity and clarity. 

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